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Rewrite the following sentences:

1)              People  are building a bridge over that river   = A bridge

2)             This exercise is so difficult that I can’t do it = This exercise is too

3)              “I have just finished my work.” My brother said = My brother

4)             The boy is very lazy. He can do nothing. = The boy is too

5)             “ why don’t you go to bed John?” father asked = Father asked..

6)              Everybody is telling about news  everywhere. = That news

7)             “ how does she drive?” I wondered. = I wondered

8)             People believed that she died of AIDS = She

9)             It ‘s very impolite to speak loudly in public places. = Speaking

10)           In spite of his good behavior, they don’t believe him. = Although

11)           They never miss their favorite TV program. = They always

12)          .No one in my class is as intelligent as Jack = Jack

13)          It’s ages since I met her = I haven’t

14)          She often goes shopping . She ‘s fond of it. = She ‘s

15)           Looking after the children is difficult. = It is

16)           The room is too dark for us to study. = the room isn’t

17)           “ what time did you go to bed last night?” Asked  Bill = Bill asked

18)           “Do it or you‘ll be punished “ she told me = she told me

19)          It is said that they went abroad last month. = They

20)           The bag is too heavy for her to carry = The bag is so

21)          She is too old to wear that hat. = she

22)           No other animal is as big as elephant = Elephant

23)          The teacher made the boy hand in the paper . = The boy

24)          They have taught English  in this for years. = English

25)           “ I want you to finish this report”  he said to her = He asked  her

26)          The student wrote  his  composition in 3 hours. =  It took

27)          ” I’ll wait for you but you must promise to get on time” she said  = she said

28)          It’s such old furniture that it’s not worth keeping . = The furniture

29)          How long is it since you started studying English? = When

30)           My children  aren’t as intelligent as theirs = Their

31)          People are using computers in all kinds of work. = Computers

32)          You have to keep dangerous  drugs out of children’s reach. =Dangerous

33)          The artist has painted many pictures for the exhibition. = Many pictures

34)          She started working as an English teacher 5 years ago. = She has

35)          The postman was bitten by our dog. = Our dog

36)          They’re sending it to their  boss by airport. =  It

37)          He spent a whole day repairing the radio. = It took

38)          I’m sure they didn’t tell you the truth of the situation. = I’m sure the truth

39)          The major  part of the temple had been converted into “ Lenin’s room”. =They

40)          His bicycle is more expensive than yours. =My bicycle

41)          Speaking English fluently is not easy. =It is



Use the correct forms of the words in the parentheses:

1)       I was (delight) to get your letter this morning.

2)             The lesson was so (interest) that most of them went to sleep in the middle.

3)       He soon put on (weigh) when he stopped playing football.

4)       Travel is said to (broad) the mind.

5)       I came to the (conclude) that he had been lying.

6)       her books have grown in (popular) recently.

7)       She was too (shame) to tell his teacher about the stupid mistakes.

8)       I am not sure at all. I really can’t say (certain).

9)       I clearly remember (lock) the door before I left.

10)    she advised me (tell) the police about the accident.

11)    They agreed (lend) him some money when he told them the position he was in.

12)    Are  you  going to give up ( smoke).?

13)    I wouldn’t recommend (stay) in that hotel.

14)    Do you think the grass needs  (cut) ?

15)    He never takes his parents’ (advise).

16)    The South Vietnam was completely (liberate) on April 30,1975.

17)    Was it all done by (ordinarily) people?

18)    It is such a (love) evening. Let‘s go for  a walk.

19)    The father didn’t give his son any advice and encouragement. If he (give) his son some, I think he (behave) better.

20)    The success would be  at hand if you (not give) up your attempts suddenly.

21)    I believe that their contract (be) settled if they were ready for a friendly talk.

22)    If she (be) at the top of the class this term, what  would her father reward her ?

23)    I don’t like the people who (show) no interest in anything.

24)    Measles (be) a dangerous disease.

25)    Everyone (look) tired . They have been  working all day.

26)    Physics (help) us understand the natural phenomena.

27)    This sun block lotion gives good (protect) agaisnt harmful ultraviolet rays.

28)    Sally came in so (noise) that she woke everyone up.Some famous directors make their film very

29)    She (write) that letter 2 days  ago.

30)    what (happen) when they arrived?

31)    I don’t smoke while I (drive) a car.

32)    After they ( go) , I (sit) down and (rest).

33)    His knowledge (develop) since he (get) habit of reading.

34)    you ( finish) the book I (lend) you last year?

35)    last week, when the police (come) there , the thief (go) away.

36)    The patient already (die) by the time I (see) her yesterday.

37)    I missed part of the lecture because I was day dreaming. And now my notes (be) incomplete . I wish I (pay) more attention to the lecture .

38)    He (visit) his friend yesterday and (find) that she (be) abroad.

39)    Be quiet! The baby (sleep).

40)    light (travel) faster than sound .

41)    We must take an umbrella . it (rain).

42)    This is the worst storm I ever (see).

43)    Mary was fond of (see) the circus  when (be) young.

44)    I (receive) 20 cards so far.

45)    What color this dress (be) before you (wash) it?

46)    We (live) in Newyork for 5 years when we (move) to Detroit.

47)    Mike  didn’t know the news  because he ( not read)  the paper yet.

48)    My car (break) down this morning on the way to work.

49)    What’s the problem ? you (not speak) a word since you (come) home.

50)    Oh, dear! I think our main water pipe (break)

51)    They (study) in the library when the fire alarm (go) out.

52)    At 7 o’clock last night I (listen) to the radio.

53)    That student (know) all of the new  word  very well now.

54)    Almost everyone (leave) for home  by the time we (arrive).

55)    You’ll know him when you (see) him.

56)    Exercise (improve) your body and your mind.

57)    While Doris (walk) into the garden , the dog suddenly (bite) her.

58)    He ( be) a newspaper reporter before he (become) a businessman.

59)    Everything (change) a lot since I (leave) here.

60)    you often (see) your parent?

61)    last night the fire (break) out while everybody (sleep) .

62)    I think she (leave) as she gets the news.

63)    while Joan (write) the report, Henry (look) for information.

64)    He (work) when I (come) in , and he obviously (work) for a long time because he (be) very tired.

65)    He has just gone to bed when the door bell (ring)

66)    Bob Fellow (Come) from England. He (come) to Paris 6 months ago to learn Frence . He (start) learning Frence at school in England when he (be) 11 he ( learn) it for nearly 10 years. He just (take) an exam .If he (pass) , he (move) into the next class. He (be) excited today because his parents (come) tomorrow to stay with him for a few  days.

67)    Mary (have) to go to Newyork last week , but she almost missed the plane. She (stand)in the queue at the check in desk when she suddenly (realize) that she (leave) her passport  at home. Fortunately  she (not live) very far from the airport so she (have) time to go back home to get the passport. She (get) back to the airport just in time for her flight.

68)    While I (walk) across the campus the  other  day , I (meet) old friend, John , Whom I (not see) since July 10th . Naturally, we (stop) to talk  to each other  for a few  minutes , I (ask) him how he (do) in his class this semester.

69)    She (come)  back a moment ago, and (turn) the TV on very loudly. My son (sleep)then, so I (tell) to turn it off.

70)    Mary and John are neighbors . They (know  each other for several years. Mary (move) into her house in 1985 and John (live) next door since he (come) to the area in 1980.


71)    When we (come) to see her last week , she( phone) her friend.

72)    Don’t make much noise. My father (sleep).

73)    The train (come) here in 5 minutes.

74)    If I (be) you, I (not help) her.

75)    My sister (phone) me yesterday that she (go) to town by the end of that week.

76)    She (read) that short story by Jack London several times.

77)    she already ( learn) French  before she ( study) medicines.









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